Scared and cowering
It is as if the world has lost all its light
But I forget, that is only in my corner
Fear, is no longer a feeling

Dark and cold,
It is like the end has come
But I know, it is only for me
Fear, is now a reality


Labels: Outsider

I’ve always been a minority
To belong is absolutely foreign to me
Even at home I’m an outsider
Even if I belong I differ

Everyone struggles to say my name
One wrong syllable is often an error so tame
My name screams outsider
My skin highlights how I differ

I fear both acceptance and prejudice
Neither do I trust the law nor the justice
Because no one cares about the outsider
I’ll always seem like an intruder


Indian Cinema Struggles

Decade after decade I’ve seen female actors being tossed out and the male actors being recycled for the same old characters over and over again and it has ¬†gotten to a point where I am absolutely done.

In this video I simply describe what I want to see in the cinema. There has been change but not to the extent where change is apparent.