An Ending

She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled. “Was that supposed to hurt?” She was not bleeding, she laughed like madness was the only reason left.

He stared at her scared and frantic but he could not move. He was petrified by her glare. In her eyes, he saw himself hurting her. Raping her and hitting as she screamed and begged him to stop. He tried to look away or close his eyes but he had no control. Her eyes locked into his did not blink either, his eyes started to water. Her steel gray eyes remain clear and focused.

Suddenly she threw her head back and laughed, breaking eye contact, thus releasing him. “Enjoyed the show,” she said still laughing. He was shaking with fear, shrinking back into a corner as she stepped closer. “Stay away from me,” he gasped backing away from her.

Her laughter stopped as she looked into his eyes, freezing him in the spot yet again. She leaned in her hand reaching for his throat, menace blazing in her eyes. Her black hair flowing and moving, her eyes not blinking, her lips curled into a smile as his face turned red then purple. His eyes bloodshot as his body slumped. She blinked and pulled away, the smile disappeared from her face.

The morning he was found on the ground 10 floors below his apartment. His chest caved in and his skull cracked open. The window in his room shattered as if someone had run right through it.



Being me

I have been wounded and saddened,
Never have I been broken.

Every time I think I am done for good,
I manage to get up again.
I may have held hands or had friends,
Nothing remained nor stayed.

I will always be myself, never predictable
thus a constant threat.

I know why you can not stand by me,
I doubt you do,
Trust me you will pay
a big price, because I never forget.

The battle she lost!

Wounded and faltering Hedwig sat down write. Her legacy was not going to pass with time as much that was what everyone wanted. No one in her life thought she should matter, her legacy was never worth it because she was just a woman.

“I remember trying to stop the war, I knew it was not yet the time for a war but I did not matter just as I never have. Battle was set to begin on the anniversary of my birth. I did not want to give in without a fight.

The first battle I lost was against my father’s lack of senses. He thought he knew better he had the pride that has led most men to their doom. My father was as lost as a motherless fawn but he acted with ludicrous perception that he was a lion leading a pride against a herd of sheep.”

Writing these words Hedwig’s anger has started to overflow as hot burning tears. She was struggling to comprehend the situation that she was in that forced her to leave because when she didn’t belong, she could no longer stay.

“As much I had love for the place and my father I was clearly no longer welcomed nor was the war mine to be fought. So I was done.

The more I made myself believe it wasn’t my battle I wanted to fight it because never have I backed down from a fight. I had given up everything by this point but my guard has never been down nor will my armor be taken away from me.”

Hedwig was losing too much blood to focus. Slowly bleeding to her death she realized how empty her soul has been for so long. Dying was no longer saddening as she had already lost her soul, despite this she wasn’t giving up and she will never because she has fought for everything and will never unlearn that one lesson.

“So, the sun  was setting and the 21st anniversary of my birth was coming to  an end. I donned the armor to replace the silk I had been in all day. Stepping in onto the battlefield I was both attacked and betrayed nothing I had not expected”.

Those were the last words she wrote before she drew her last breath.