Just Hide

IMG_2874Hide your feminity,
it is for your own safety.

Hide your ambitions,
it is for your own happiness.

Hide your feelings,
it is for you own good.

Hide your desires,
it is for your own reputation.

Just hide who you are,
so you will belong.

I’ve been told to hide too many times.
Every time I stepped out I only got stronger.
But I still hide because I think I must.
It is a journey and I’ll get there.



Being the outsider

It is hot outside,
Burning me with every touch
My heart is still frozen,
Scared and broken.

I shake and shudder,
At every gust of wind,
Not because there’s a chill,
but the warmth that fills.

What if I blend in,
become one of them,
Then they take all they gave,
Leaving me with just a wave

To Belong

For now, I can stay
Be a part and feel the sway,
But then one day,
I will no longer belong, no longer feel that way.

But this won’t last,
With time passing so fast,
Every passing day a real blast,
Soon enough, I will be the outcast.

That is not the tragedy,
As long as I remember that part of me,
To not belong is one thing,
When you don’t see that, it stings!