Suits re-imagined

Well, if you have had the time to waste on six seasons of Gossip Girl, six seasons of White Collar and four seasons of Suits welcome to club.

Just a disclaimer, I love the show Suits and there is nothing wrong with it but this is just for the sake of the title of the show.

But, simply imagine them on the same screen pulling off the quirky and classy suits side  by side. No one does mismatched suit jackets and pants better than Matt Bomer does. Nor can anyone wear a green checkered shirt beneath a fancy jacket with a bow tie better than Ed Westwick.

I know, I know quirky suits are not for lawyers neither is pulling off mismatched suits important but just think about it. Despite appearances, Ed Westwick as Harvey Specter and Matt Bomer as Mike Ross. The charisma and strength versus the cheek and smart.

Definitely a fangirl moment right there.


Trouble in heels…

Although I am slightly above average height where I am from I like to sport high heels that are around five inches, no less. I have always found this to be an act of empowerment for some reason.

My favourite pair right now is a strappy black diamante heels. It is so versatile that I could wear it to both my junior and senior prom, IKR isn’t that perfect?

It was, until I wore them to my prom after party!!! Did I forget to mention that they were stilettos??? I could not look and feel gorgeous in spite of the excruciating pain. So I took them off, I know, don’t judge me!!!

I still did not give up on five-inch heels for clubbing, so the next time I wore a chunkier pair of platforms that were about 5 and the half inches high. They were cute and orange and most importantly comfortable!!! 🙂

This my mistake was to think that I could survive in them the next day as well. Yeah my friends and went to a party and spent the night away from and I did not pack another pair of shoes. No, don’t do this it may be comfortable that night but wearing it the next day numbed my toes.

My third, fourth and little toes were numb for two and a half days after. So, beware ladies. I know there are some of you out there who handle your high-heeled shoes well but if you are not seasoned and just like me are learning the takeaway here is if you are clubbing wear chunkier heels(preferably platforms) and don’t wear them forever.

The Comeback of the 50’s

The 1950’s brought us the 21st century hourglasses, pears and boyish figures the best fashion and the ultimate stereotype. The former being gorgeous full skirts and classy pencil skirts and the latter the ever so beloved Barbie. The idea that the Barbie has the perfect figure has distorted the modern girl’s concept of beauty. Our goal to accept our bodies and understand how to dress our figures; accentuating our curves and camouflaging our flabby spots.

To truly understand and dress to impress I definitely recommend experimenting. Though certain guidelines ought to help if you are new to the fashion world or are intending to extend your scope in fashion.

Pear: A defined pear, should try the A-line skirt that was popular in the 50’s that will skim your curves and sway as you walk.

Hourglass: If you already have a defined waistline a full skirt will only emphasize the supposedly feminine curve in your middle. Your balanced figure also will carry the pencil skirt ideally well.

The most exciting prints were on the rise in this era: the post war attitude called upon bright exciting colours and new interesting designs as women were dressing up once after years of militaristic rationed clothing.