How does one change in College

Hey guys, I recently posted this video on my youtube channel about going to college and how that changes you.

After two years in college I realized that I am not the same person that I was when I first came here. There are many factors that contribute to this change and growth as a person. Honestly a huge part of this change is because I am away from home and I am exploring the person that I am. All I want is for everyone else to know that this is normal and it is fine to be lost in college.

I was taken aback by the changes and that had a negative impact on my progress, I hope to help others to be more aware and have a smoother transition.



Losing friends!


Having been in a boarding school for two years and college for a year I have certainly learnt the importance of friendships. Along the way I have also learnt how to deal with losing them because in environments as such clearly friends are everything.

So I have shared my methods of getting over friendships in this video! If you like it do subscribe and share.

Apple has taken over my life!

I freaked out today as a result of my dependence on my phone and laptop. Honestly I did not see this day coming. No, not because of my faith in technology but because I never saw myself running on a schedule and living off of details synchronized between my Macbook and iPhone. For some reason today I realized that Calendar had failed to sync an event from my Macbook to my iPhone. It was terrifying, I panicked and thought I had gotten the date or time wrong. Then I figured out that the data had not merged.

I am trying to figure myself out, it scares me that I have a life that goes by a schedule. I am beginning to feel like that douchebag in movies who says “let me check my schedule” when someone asks them out on date. Honestly, if miraculously someone did ask me out on a date, I will be saying that exact phrase. It is awesome that I have things going on? Yes. How am I feeling about it, extremely overwhelmed in a surprised way. So wish me luck! While I look forward to the summer 🙂 .