Types of Professors!



  1. The strict on paper
  2. The strict with papers
  3. The seemingly strict
  4. The high school teacher
  5. The pseudo parent

Want to know more about these types of professors do watch the video as I discuss the professors I’ve met!


The 5 Rules to Moving On

the gold hourglass

  1. Move on, but take it easy
    Don’t jump on the next train but maybe take the bicycle. What I am trying to say is that don’t try to fall the next person you meet and find attractive.
  2. But do move on
    Don’t be stuck. Stay away from that person’s social media, this is key.
  3. Move on, one step at a time
    Start doing things for yourself; workout, read, make new friends and play something (games or instrument, both work just as well).
  4. Move on, along with the beat.
    Keep dancing, to your rhythm. Don’t change yourself or alter your life; if you know he/she is going to be someplace you always go don’t stop now, stay in-charge.
  5. Move on and keep moving
    Now is the time, don’t look back.

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10 Life lessons learnt from How I Met Your Mother!

1.If you need to killer drunk the night before your wedding, it is not going to last.
Remember Barney on his wedding day! I know Marshall instigated the drinking fiasco that night but Robin and Barney needed the drinks and look where that ended.

2.It is never too late for love.
Ted was well into his thirties when he met Tracy aka The Mother.

3.Everyone has more than one true love allocated in this world.
Both Ted and Tracy are examples of that. Clearly everyone has that perfect match but there is always another match who is very different an yet perfect.

4.Don’t lose a friend for love.
Boy, am I glad Ted did not give up on Robin because of Victoria. I mean seriously just cause you are getting married that doesn’t mean that your spouse gets to dictate your life.

5.”Suits are cool”, literally Barney.
Come one, c’mon… The only reason I deal with the existence of Barney is that he dresses sharp.

6.Life happens when you least expect it to because the universe is always at work.
Signs from the universe are real. It is just the realization of an innate feeling about something.

7.Star Wars is an epic movie franchise.
Anyone going against this one?

8.You and your best friend should be able to speak in movie quotes.
Be it Princess Bride, Departed or anything at all, it is fun and is the sign of a great bond in my opinion.

9.Traditions, follow them or create them but be sure to have them.
Maybe not Robots vs the Wrestlers, but something just as “awesome” quote Barney. It could be something as simple as movie night featuring a classic.

10.Nothing good ever happens after two in the morning.
The tramp stamp, Barneys wedding hangover, Ted breaking up with Victoria, need I say more.