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I’ve always been a minority
To belong is absolutely foreign to me
Even at home I’m an outsider
Even if I belong I differ

Everyone struggles to say my name
One wrong syllable is often an error so tame
My name screams outsider
My skin highlights how I differ

I fear both acceptance and prejudice
Neither do I trust the law nor the justice
Because no one cares about the outsider
I’ll always seem like an intruder



How does one change in College

Hey guys, I recently posted this video on my youtube channel about going to college and how that changes you.

After two years in college I realized that I am not the same person that I was when I first came here. There are many factors that contribute to this change and growth as a person. Honestly a huge part of this change is because I am away from home and I am exploring the person that I am. All I want is for everyone else to know that this is normal and it is fine to be lost in college.

I was taken aback by the changes and that had a negative impact on my progress, I hope to help others to be more aware and have a smoother transition.



There has been too much negativity in my life lately not by choice but merely because life happens and it just does.

I have endured losses and disappointments this year that has no comparison. Everytime I feel like my world is going to implode on me, something catches me before I crash.

I now have a reason to believe that there is this guardian angel out there for me working double time. I have friends who have my back and I have my sanity which, thank god, still fundamentally exists.

I spend a lot of my time worrying that no one wants to be my friend but I’ve learned that I’m not alone and that warms my heart and counters the stress ball that pounds faster than my heart.