I can’t recall or even merely remember how many times I have looked up on the internet on how to lose belly fat!!

And yes, I have tried to try all these methods but honestly I don’t have the willpower. So, more often than not I come close to telling myself that a few inches around my waist can’t hurt I mean yeah I’m pudgy, so what?

I am constantly on the verge of giving up until I see my mom, who on a regular basis asks me “have been working out, you know that you should be consistent right?”.  Thus, I am reminded that I don’t look good enough to be accepted, I do realize that my mom does this out of concern because that’s what the society has become.

With prom coming up I decided I needed to lose that belly so I purchased the 28 day Skinnymint Teatox. Today was my first day and I took pictures for the before after and it finally hit home that I am thick in the middle and I need to work on it.

I have decided to start running in addition to the teatox and blog my accomplishments because I need motivation.  Hopefully at the end of this 28 days I have the confidence to post the pictures of myself to prove that I can do it..


8 thoughts on “The FAT obsession..

  1. Good Luck! When I became slightly obese I joined gym and have managed to reduce my fat (and wait too), but still that stupid belly is still in tact now giving me a 3-4 month pregnant look 😦

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  2. Love yourself, no matter how much you weigh.Your soul is unique and you are awesome! Exercise to feel better not to fit standards. A few pounds here or there won’t change who you are. There is way too much pressure on how we look. That is the unhealthy issue, not the extra-pounds.As long as you can do what you want to with your body, it is perfect. Much love ❤

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