I made dinner… for guests

I love having people over but honestly I hate the work that comes along with it. Like preparing a meal and the cleanup, ugh…

So, I decided to google “simple dinner recipes” and I found this,  Meatless Italian Macaroni Bake . It is a 5 ingredient recipe. Five, only five ingredients including the macaroni.

This was the extent of the grocery shopping I had to do!

It was a simple recipe, I mean how wrong can you go with 5 ingredients. But as I was the one preparing the meal, I was worried that I was going to starve my guests. It was an easy recipe to follow and a really quick meal to prepare. All you need is about 30 minutes.

Okay! It tasted better than it looks.


This was the result in my kitchen. There was a lot of bubbling and melting on the top of the pasta when I pulled it out of the oven, (so you know its good).

However, I did not season the dish as the recipe did not call for salt or pepper and that is the only negative feedback I have for this recipe. Maybe it is expected that one would season their pasta but hey I’m a newbie. My guests however enjoyed the meal with a pinch of salt, literally.

This nice lady helped me out at Hy-vee as my very poor grocery shopping skills were put to test 🙂

If you think there is a simple recipe that amateur chef like will fail at, please comment the link down below. I think this is really fun.


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