The Best Trip of My Life

The best trip of life has to be the time I flew from Malaysia to the US for my freshman year in college. Yes, I am aware that it is not a trip per se but it was an interesting wild ride and let me tell you why.

This was the first I boarded alone, it was exciting, I could feel the thrill coursing through my veins. My blood rushing until I got to waiting area and received one of my final farewell text messages from (one of) my best friend(s). It was a beautiful poem and everything in me came crashing down the as reality hit that I was leaving my home nation, I was leaving everything I knew in my world for an adventure. I sat in the waiting room unable to control my tears, I quietly sobbed clinging on to my stuffed rabbit. For once, it didn’t matter how ridiculous I looked or what people were thinking of me. I just cried.

Then I got on flights after flights (okay it was flight after flight). My second flight was supposed to be a 13-hour flight across the Pacific ocean. Due to a storm and some employee clause, this flight became one that lasted for about 20 hours. Which meant I missed my connecting flight and trapped in a new unfamiliar city overnight. The airline was kind enough to put me in a gorgeous hotel. By the time I got to the hotel the restaurant was not open. I was exhausted, I had just spent over a day flying across the planet and the concierge of the hotel was the sweetest person I had come across because he opened the convenience store that was also closed so that I could grab some snacks. And then because I was terrified I would miss my 6 am flight, I decided not to sleep and take a walk around the hotel.

The next I boarded my third and final flight of the trip from a crazy busy airport. With my lack of sleep and the consequent lack of concentration I thought I could run from one end of the airport to the other with a latte that was hot, obviously. That obviously didn’t work out well for me but when I finally got to my destination despite the huge coffee stain on my shirt and the three luggage bags, a guitar and a stuffed bunny, I was finally ready, for the adventure.

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