20 Facts about me

20 facts about me
1. I’m an addict… I mean it is just caffeine.
2. I have crashed both my motorcycle and my car
3. I don’t like stagnant bodies of water, like ponds, lakes and swimming pools
4. I have changed my major at the end of every semester of college
5. I have fought a parrot
6. I am both cat-person and a dog-person… I think
7. I can’t walk in a straight line even when sober
8. I have had a concussion that caused me to forget ten minutes of my life
9. I have had a parrot, fish, a dog and cats as pets
10. I have been to six countries and 2 continents.
11. I love airports but I hate flying
12. I have broken one bone in my body
13. I am a grandma’s girl
14. I considered joining the military as a kid but nah…
15. Lion King is and will always be my favorite Disney movie
16. I love paintball and everything else(fun activities) gun related
17. I bleed Blue during the season unless the canary yellow jerseys are in! Keep the Blue Flag Flying High. Brazil has the best Selecao.
18. I eat super super super slow…
19. I like my scotch shaken up with some lemon juice and sugar on the rocks with a twist.
20. I am a Feminist!!!

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