The name of this blog

I have chosen to do a challenge as a renewal for this blog! And the first task is to name my blog. As I have already done that I thought it is apt to explain why this was the name I chose for my blog.IMG_3003.JPG
My goals for this blog have certainly evolved over time and now I have found myself in a place where I am ready to make that change of pace. To start with, I am going to explain why I named this blog The Gold Hourglass. As an Indian woman I have been taught to place value on gold. It is both prestige and beauty.
Gold is also the meaning of my name. Every time someone addresses me they are saying the word for gold in Sanskrit and that has grown to be a huge part of me.
The choice to use hourglass as a part of the name of this blog is twofold. Initially it was because of how much I feared the passage of time and how it affects me, every passing day, every milestone that added to my growth as a person. Hourglass felt especially special because it has the same number of letters as my name. It fit me and made me feel like this was meant to be a part of me, writing this blog as an extension of my personality.

So, welcome to The Gold Hourglass!! Join me in this journey and let’s grow together.

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