The Series: When she cried

Continued from

It was just another day in Ember’s life. After a long day she was getting homework done so that the night would come to an end. All Ember thought of was how to divide and multiply and not even about a minute beyond let alone the next day. She was soon ready to sleep in her pajamas and cozy in her bed but nothing felt right, not the slightest bit.

Ember’s tired eyes were finally closing when her mother walked in. “Hi sweetie”, her mother said sitting on the edge of her bed.
“I need you to stay calm, okay?”
“Why? What happened?”
“There was an accident and Roger was in it”, Ember’s mother cautiously said stroking Ember’s hair.
“Mmm hmm”
“Honey, he’s gone”
“We need to go see Aunty and be with her Mom!”, Ember said getting out of bed.

The service was beautiful, everyone was broken, Ember most of all but she did not shed a single tear. Not even when she gave her eulogy. Ten year old Ember stood and delivered a speech that  wrecked everyone in the room but she doesn’t remember a word of her eulogy she was in a state of shock for weeks. She forgot to eat, she barely spoke; Ember wasn’t around for a while she did everything she must with a mechanical drive.

One morning she woke up to a beautiful nightmare, where Roger came to say goodbye. She cried for the first time and started grieving.


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