Dealing with Homesickness!


This video features my experience with studying abroad and how I deal with this homesick feeling.

The highlights of the video but watch it in full for the extras.

  1. I suggest trying to fit in. Not in the sense that you lose your unique qualities but more in way that you can actually communicate with the people around you which will help in keeping yourself occupied and meet people.
  2. You should bring a piece of home with you, a comforting piece. Like my soft toy 🙂 .
  3. Indulge yourself, it doesn’t have to cost you much but you have to take time out to invest in your happiness like cooking a common dish from home and watching a movie in your native tongue.
  4. Talk to your parents, you don’t necessarily have to tell them how you are feeling but just talk to a parent. You will feel a whole lot better after doing this because it is comforting.
  5. Cry it out! I’m not kidding if you are feeling down listen to a bunch of sad songs and cry. Getting it out of your system helps a lot.

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