The Series: When she laughed

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Ember recalled  the time she went fishing with Roger and that was her first time fishing in a lake. As curious as she was, she leaned over and peered into the water. Next thing she knew she was in the lake and struggling but she was not afraid. Roger jumped leaving his best friend to man the boat. Ember clung on to Roger and got back on the little boat with minimal trouble, they looked at each other and started laughing.

Roger tried to catch his breath, laugh and speak at the same time, “What did you do?”. Ember still laughing said, ” I was curious”.

Once they got home the curious one was not in trouble rather the savior was. “What were you thinking taking her to the lake?” Roger’s mother demanded while rubbing Ember’s hair and trying to dry her off. “But Mom, she wanted…” Roger started. “She wanted what? To see you fish? To see the lake? No, Roger she is a child, you don’t just listen to her!” his mother nagged while Ember had a cheeky smile plastered to her face directed at Roger making it harder for him to take his mother seriously.

Clean and dry Ember went and sat next to Roger on the couch. “I’m sorry” she said hugging him from the side. “For what?” he asked with a fake disinterest. “For laughing at you” she giggled, “it was funny to watch you get scolded”. “You are mean” he said tickling her into a fit of laughter. She just then squeezed him in a hug and kissed his cheek.

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