The Series: When she started to grow up.

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As a toddler even if she didn’t remember Ember knew everything she did because there wasn’t a moment she was left alone. Roger documented everything she did from her first word to the first time she walked, in words, in record and in every other way. He didn’t let anyone forget her questions for the world or her tantrums to gain all that she wanted.

Ember still recalls her first memory as Roger’s first dose of life advice to her before she headed off to pre-school. The night before her big day Roger sat Ember down and told her a lot things none of which now she remembers but she remembers him holding her hands and telling her that she is grown up now. Old enough to be in a uniform and to be away from home for hours. Roger thought she will frightened at the prospect of this or at the least bit a little worried but she took it in a stride. Kissed him on the cheek to say good night and left.

That’s when Roger realized she wasn’t coddled like had he had worried and that he was watching a tough a little girl grow up. He remembered the time she wasn’t able to complete saying the alphabet because she struggled to say “W”. Roger had found it adorable that the biggest concern in Ember’s mind was that she can’t say “w” and that meant she couldn’t move on to the next letter in the alphabet.

The next day Ember just ran into her cousin’s arms from her parents grip and enthusiastically shared that she has made friends; Molly and Roy. “So, Ember do you like school?” Roger asked smiling at the little girl’s enthusiasm. “Yes! But they made say the alphabets and I finished it!!” Ember said clinging on to Roger’s neck. “Nice work, little one” Roger said, kissed her cheek and gave her a high five.

… To be continued


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