The Series: When she first arrived!

Walking away her thoughts wandered to years before today. Ember had just walked away because she was broken and didn’t know if she was ready to be fixed. So, she kept walking.

15 years ago her best friend the closest thing she had for a sibling left her behind. Truly she has yet to recover. Her favorite cousin Roger much older than her took it upon himself to make her the little sister he never had because by the time she was born he was done with his three brothers and he loved Ember from the first time he held her in his arms.

Gently holding the child close, Roger smiles and says “Promise me that I will be your favorite”. His younger brothers Kenny, Charlie and Alex are interested in their first female cousin and are trying to take a peek at her. Being at the peak of his growth spurt Roger towered over them and kept Ember away. Her wandering eyes paused only for his and then closed into the blissful peace of a child’s mind.

Roger set Ember down in her basket and kissed her forehead. The other boys in the room finally took a good look at her. They were excited to finally have a girl in the clan, as was everyone else.

… To be continued

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