The 5 Rules to Moving On

the gold hourglass

  1. Move on, but take it easy
    Don’t jump on the next train but maybe take the bicycle. What I am trying to say is that don’t try to fall the next person you meet and find attractive.
  2. But do move on
    Don’t be stuck. Stay away from that person’s social media, this is key.
  3. Move on, one step at a time
    Start doing things for yourself; workout, read, make new friends and play something (games or instrument, both work just as well).
  4. Move on, along with the beat.
    Keep dancing, to your rhythm. Don’t change yourself or alter your life; if you know he/she is going to be someplace you always go don’t stop now, stay in-charge.
  5. Move on and keep moving
    Now is the time, don’t look back.

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