the gold hourglass

I wrote this to participate in Lala’s blog’s competition, so I hope it is a good read.

It was a clear night and Ariel was on her way home after a meeting. Her thoughts were wrapped around the perfection of the system and the structure it brought. Screeching tires brought her thoughts to a halt and she turned to see a black Lotus ram into the building. It was clear that the driver was injured and in danger.

Ariel ran to the car and yanked the half-broken door to drag the driver out. She was staring at a gorgeous chiseled face that  was barely conscious. The driver’s clear green eyes were trying to focus on Ariel while she muttered “damned capitalists”. Yet, she held him on her lap and held on to his concentration, not letting him slip. The ambulance and the police had been contacted, Ariel could hear the…

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