Approaching the summer me!

If you haven’t heard of it or if you don’t believe in it let me tell you the freshman fifteen is real! So, for me to return home now and fit into my old clothes I am going to have to lose that 15 at least. Then there is my mother who constantly fears that I am overweight and will never be able to touch the realm of being hot.

So, for the next two months it is going to be a struggle, not because I am going to put myself on a fad diet or anything! Merely because I live to eat. I snack when I study, I snack when I’m stressed and I snack at any given time; basically constantly. Oh and I forgot to mention I hate snacking on fruits, nuts and vegetables. My go to ranges from M&M’s and SunChips. Wish me luck!

I am going to outline my plan here so I feel obliged to to maintain the regime.

Step 1. Eat healthy at least once a day- In my definition that is to not get chips as a side to every meal and you know throw in the occasional fruit.

Step 2. Drink tea twice a day- Not some highly advertised teatox but teas with a reputation boost metabolism and regulate fat storage. I plan on drinking White tea and Oolong tea, a nice big mug of each everyday.

Step 3. Workout 3 times a week- This is key for me right now because I need to regain my stamina and that will contribute to the weight loss plan as well. I am aware that thrice a week isn’t much but it easier to maintain a less crazy plan and I am not the queen of following through with anything!

To supplement this I need to drink plenty of water and not expect miracles. Anyone else with a summer body plans do share your thoughts! Honestly I do realize that my plan is not going to make a huge difference it is a start right?


7 thoughts on “Approaching the summer me!

  1. I’m not much of an expert when it comes to losing weight, but your plan looks pretty good! I’ve actually gained some weight too and have been trying to exercise at least 15 minutes everyday but I keep on forgetting! I’m so inconsistent with it… lol. I love doing workouts by the YouTuber Casey Ho aka Blogilates. You should check out her channel! She’s super motivating and you don’t even have to pay to visit a gym.

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    1. I like Casey Ho her workouts are intense! I tried doing her monthly calendar once but I couldn’t follow through with it hahaha. My dorm room is so tiny so I can’t do much in there so I started going to the gym recently and I have a buddy who loves working out so that forces me to stay motivated. Maybe you should get a workout buddy.

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