This movie is the best movie made for children, after Inside Out! It nonchalantly confronts major social and political issues in today’s supposedly unified world while having leading female character and villain too. Ok  obviously, spoiler alert.

Judy Hopps and her dreams of becoming a cop seem to be the biggest struggle in the plot at first because she is a bunny and then we see her against all the odds come on top of her class, just the cliched stuff that heroes do. In the city where prey and predators pride themselves to live in harmony we suddenly see preys going savage and these predators although merely a 10% of the population hold major positions in the government and civil service. Yes, the predators are the cops and the mayor, that is the cute part of the movie ok. So, this demonstrates the discrimination that the preys like the sheep and rabbits face in their day-to-day life.

Although it is ironic because generally speaking the majority of the population aren’t discriminated against because it is more difficult  for a small number of people to act against a larger number of people, it makes sense with the animals though although these are civilized animals strength plays a role. Then there is an outbreak of violence among the predators, senseless savage animal-like violence. Our little experienced Officer Hopps expresses her concern in less than delicate manner during a press conference causing the spread of fear amongst the prey and the predators are then discriminated against, they lose their jobs and their friends. This is why when you speak at a press conference you can never be truly prepared because the press is known to twist your words, not necessarily a negative trait! I’m saying this cause I want to be a journalist and the press does not intend to twist someone’s words, it is just misinterpretation and lack of information.

As stated above, spoiler alert and it is only going to get worse. Having Hopps express her concern was an excellent propaganda move by the villain. Who better to convince all the other preys that predators are scary than the first ever bunny-cop. We learn at the very end that the predators were not going savage but were being drugged (that cause them to lose their minds) and this was a political propaganda to put preys in power! Oh my god, I know right!

On the side, we have the issue of preconceived notions about people being tackled! You know the judging people based on their race, religion or even the way dress or talk. Traditionally foxes were animals one couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t trust. So, when one fox tried to be a better person he was scared for life by mean and judgmental animals. In the case of Nick Wilde the fox, we also the theme of friendship propagating. We do all have preconceived notions about people but I think we can all put it on hold until we get to know them, it might take forever and sometimes it could be worth the wait!

P.S: Godfather fans out there, I’m not going to say what it is but fair warning. You might get a little annoyed!


6 thoughts on “Zootopia- The second best animated movie of the decade!

      1. Exactly, I loved the way Inside Out tackled with depression because honestly every teenager is at the tipping point of depression and the triggers could be anything! I could relate to that movie on so many levels it was awesome!

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