How to tell your strict mother about a(nother) tattoo!

Well, in an ideal world you would have been smart enough to get the tattoo at location that your clothes will easily hide so that you never have to bring it up. You would also have been smart enough to not charge the tattoo to your conservative dad’s credit card.

At least I don’t live in a world in an ideal world because every time I am give the opportunity I choose being impulsive over creating the ideal scenario I choose the obviously exciting impulsive.

Exhibit A, I got myself inked. Two days before I had the said tattoo drawn on as one might say I heard the phrase “paw print tattoo” and decided that was what I needed; a paw print literally etched on to me to remind me of the first furry friend that I lost. Did I think it through? Yes, I wanted the paw print placed on a spot where my furry friend would have pawed at me for attention, my foot. In other words a blatantly obvious spot that is not covered for the most part.

So, I decided to take the plunge and tell my mother about the art on my body months before she will be seeing me again. The conversation sounded something like this;

Me: Hey, mom. I need to tell you something.
Mom: What? What did you do? (My mom kinda knows me well enough)
Me: I did something that you wouldn’t really like, I mean I’ve done it before.
Mom: What did you do!!!
Me: Don’t worry it is not illegal or anything.
Mom: Mmm Hmmm…
Me: I got a tattoo. For Eclipse you know a cute paw print to remember him by.
Mom: Oh, get more. Cover yourself with tattoos it doesn’t matter to me. (pure sarcasm, but she wasn’t mad though)

So, the key is to set the scene and get her worried you. Make the tattoo sound like a misdemeanor act as opposed to a felony and you are good to go.


2 thoughts on “How to tell your strict mother about a(nother) tattoo!

  1. He he he! Well, in my case, even though it was covered (got one on my back shoulder) I did tell her (just to see her reaction) and all she did was shrug. I was super disappointed 😉

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