Life as a concept

I have always felt like I was behind the scenes or like I was the spectator. It was tough feeling unimportant and not having the spotlight but I braved through. I was never particularly good at anything; I had never stood out in any aspect, I’m not exactly what one might call beautiful, I have interests but I have not been particularly talented at any nor have I had faith in myself to stand out.

Had I feared attention, perhaps; but honestly I feared the repercussions of being in the spotlight. The work it entails, the idea of commitment and of course the need to stay focused. Now that I watch life go by or at least the times I try I get excited by the whirlwind that has grasped me, I had let go for too long and now I am caught in the wrong storm.

While I fight my way out of this one I am going to enjoy it no matter what it brings me even it if it breaks me because now I finally have a life.


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