Manhattan and me.

The city lights were dimming out in the distance. I was leaving; taking the stride away from everything real. The beauty in the rush was only appealing for so long. Soon enough there came a point when I wished to hide.

A pretty skyline is always a sight to behold but life within that view is not ideal in my opinion.

I was in awe of the city. The intensity and the life on the streets took me by surprise, it is one thing to read about it or to watch it on tv but to be right there where the action is drained me. I wonder if it was excitement or the fear of being in a city as such.

The strength that it took to take on a city as such taught me few lessons. It reminded me how significance is a very relative concept. I was also taught that a sense of belonging was an important aspect to life. It isn’t just about aspirations, life is a lot about fitting in.



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