The Ball Drop

The romanticized notion of spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square to watch the iconic ball drop has long haunted me and the ghost has been put away once and for all at the start of 2016.

The reality of being a part of this iconic moment is a 14 hour long wait on streets, being barricaded and having extreme control on one’s bladder. It would seem in the beginning like a final term paper that no one wants to do (college life has gotten to me) the wait, the crowd and all the struggle just to watch crystal ball drop. The hours go by and the misery only gets worse, time at some point would seem to have paused and the year never to end.

To save the night the live performances will be key. The great music and the vibrant atmosphere will remind you why you were there in the first place. Then the confetti will rain upon you to enhance the festivities of the night, the fireworks will take you by surprise and leave you with awe for the magic created; this is still the pre-game.

All of this excitement is multiplied as the moment gets closer the energy  around you is focused one thing and only the welcome of the New Year. There is a strong sense of anticipation and many things race to minds and yet it is still about the stroke of midnight which does happen in the blink of an eye.

You countdown, the fireworks go off, there is a spread joy and all while the  ball drops.



4 thoughts on “The Ball Drop

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