The Journey!

The wind whipping against me and the speed engulfs me in its entirety. My rhythms were in sync with the rumbling engine. I knew where I was headed and what was ahead.

The curves uphill made me hold on tighter and cling on even harder. It was scary; the route, it was new, one that I have never taken before. It felt like the changing tides and the moving moon.

I stopped when I got there, where I wanted to be. My lifeline was cut off when I got off my motorcycle. My hands started shaking. The height of the cliff got my knees to wobble like jelly.

I was scared but I wasn’t about to change my mind. I stood at the edge of the cliff and looked to see how high I was. Being on top of the world made me feel like I could do it. I took off my helmet and felt the wind in my hair.  Next my leather jacket came off followed by my light-washed jeans.

And I jumped!

The wind cushioned me until I hit the water. The embrace of the waves had never felt any better and that very moment I knew and learned yet again who I was and what I was made of.

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