I didn’t cry when Ellie died…

I was vilified and I almost lost a friend because she thought I was heartless.

Let me explain, I finally watched Up and I wasn’t as emotionally moved as most people had been when they watched the movie. I am aware that it is up there with the rest of the Pixar classics but it didn’t hit me as hard as I expected it to.

So, Ellie dies and yes, it is sad that Carl is left all alone but she was old and sick. Why am I the devil for thinking that she was better off dead? Well my friend did compare my reaction to the Good Dinosaur and yes I cried when Arlo’s Papa died; he was young and had children to raise, it was sad because he had a long life ahead of him and the characters weren’t just dinosaurs to me they were humans in dinosaur bodies. My friend cannot believe that I did not cry for that scene in Up, she thinks that I am an awful human being now.

I suppose I am just practical and I accept that death is a fundamental part of life and that with old age it is somewhat a blessing.


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