The Curse

Being who I am is both a blessing and a curse. My imperfections make me; the attractive one to the curious and the repulsive one to the conservative.

I am one that takes you on a ride when you aren’t sure, the friendly grinch that doesn’t mean well. This is just something that happens when you are around me. I don’t choose to confuse you but when I smile it just happens. My laugh tells you that I celebrate life for what it is and you are intrigued.My certainty that I’m lost pulls you towards me. I make you feel like you need to hold me while I breathe, only if you are curious.

To the conservative my uncertainties and negligence will be a driving force to hurl them into the distance. My carefree methods and lack of discipline make me repulsive to you. I am to you like a child in need of guidance but will not be guided. My celebration of life while it lasts disgusts you, it is a struggle to comprehend what a girl like me would be celebrating about. Not understanding me forces you to push me away because when you are conservative, I’m repulsive.


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