A goal!

I wanted to round off a year of blogging with a 100 followers, certainly not when I started but as I grew as a writer.

Now, that I am who I am, it brings me joy to merely have this opportunity to write and know that my voice is listened to and I am heard by people I have never met but probably understand my position better than anyone I have.

I have realized how this blog had kept me company in both times of joy and sadness. It allowed me to learned what was on my my mind and let go what I had bottled up in me. Being the Gold Hourglass is like a dream come true.

Now might be a good time to explain why I named my blog the gold hourglass. Gold is classy, elegant and perhaps cliched; it is also my name. My name is the Sanskrit word for gold and this had grown to be a part of me and will always be a huge part of who I am. Hourglass, to remind myself and probably my readers that no matter how we tell time today it is the most relative and pertinent part of life. Our life is the clock ticking away, the hourglass turned on us and thats all we have.

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