They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, like hell it does. In my heart, absence wrecks havoc and drives me nuts. Unless I’m in charge I hate uncertainties and when it comes to emotions it definitely awful to be unsure.

How do people do the whole ‘take your time and think about things’? Because I just can’t, I am always afraid that the moment will pass or that I will seem uninterested. I fear to lose and it is an awful feeling. I have learnt in my life that nothing actually lasts or at least I have learnt believe that this is true and I don’t know if I can change now.

Especially when I want something good to happen and I really like someone. It is scary to realize that today in the digital world there is truly no absence unless by choice. Does this justify my fears? I know for a fact that if I wanted to be with someone even if I am hundreds of miles away I can still be there for them, technically somehow because communication is right there in our hands.


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