Thanksgiving and me living the American Life.

I was graciously invited into a friend’s home for Thanksgiving this year, or shall I say for my first Thanksgiving ever.

I had already gone for a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving party so I knew about it somewhat, especially about the food. The mashed potatoes, turkey and the gravy. Maybe the turkey should have some first on the list.

For the actual Thanksgiving I was staying at a friend’s house and it has made me feel very welcomed to America and the culture here. I have been cared for here and definitely fed very well. Her parents and brothers have been really lovely to be around. I have met her grandparents and been given warm hugs. Her dog seems to love me too <3.

Although for both of us having each other for the week has been basically an excuse to watch plenty of Netflix and go book shopping. I’ve been loving every moment of it.

Essentially, I am thankful for the opportunity for me to be in the USA and experience a new culture and place with great friends.


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