The Snow and My Thoughts.

  1. OMG it is supposed to snow today.
    The excitement! My friends who hate the snow said that I’m pathetic to be this excited.
  2. Pretty white stuff falling from the sky.
    Still excited, even more so. I mean it falls ever so lightly like tiny feathers and the flakes are unique and gorgeous
  3. Everything looks decorated.
    The dead trees look happy again. They have fluff all over them, making them pretty.
  4. This is fun.
    Lets go for a walk and buy hot chocolate. *I know it is cliched*
  5. Oh no, it’s cold.
    Touches the snow cause it looks so pure and pretty.
  6. Ice!!!
    Oh no! I’m going to fall and crack my skull. I don’t know how much I like this anymore.
  7.  Still very pretty.
    Looking out of the window. Nope, nothing has changed it is my favorite season.

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