1. The actually funny
    That one professor who knows how to make a decent joke that is actually funny.
  2. The “funny”
    The professor who laughs at his own jokes, OMG doesn’t that get annoying at some point.
  3. The scary personality
    The professor who makes you believe that you can’t make it out of college alive after just the first day.
  4. The ‘make believe’ tough professor.
    That professor who terrifies you on the first day but as time passes by you realize that they are great and fun.
  5. The unhelpful one
    That professor I don’t bless upon even my greatest enemy.
  6. The talker
    That professor that goes off tangent so much that you aren’t sure what the class is about anymore everytime class comes to an end.
  7. The super helpful
    That professor whom you never fear asking help from, basically the best kind.

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