Awkward morning.

There are many ways you can make an impression at college.

Today I learned that it even happens when you are in your pajamas and unfortunately have to evacuate the building for the fire drill. I woke up this morning to an awful sound that got me thinking if I had been transported to a war-zone and was being shelled. The thought was terrifying, or so I thought until i realized I had to leave me room and building immediately.

Very confused still, I grabbed something to keep warm and walked out, forgetting my glasses.

Not the best way to start a day but now people who barely know have seen me in my cute pajamas, awkward.


6 thoughts on “Awkward morning.

    1. oh no, not exactly but the people I bumped into today were people I’ve never spoken to before so it could be a first impression with many of the people who lived in my building.
      I’ve been been a month and a half, so not everyones knows me yet.

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