College #6

I had my first lazy Monday.

I burnt my waffles this morning over how to turn the waffle maker (it’s complicated I know).

I had my first presentation this week.

I finally understand the need sweatpants mornings.

I spent my first weekend off-campus at retreat.

I found a cat on campus.

I spilt coffee all over my stuff and a friend’s stuff at breakfast.

Well, doesn’t all of that sound like I had an awfully eventful week, not necessarily a good week. I have no complains though, it keeps things exciting. Not all of the things that happened were negative, the cat was adorable until it stole half of my Gyro. Ok, that might be a harsh accusation but it did use all the skills it had to force me to feed it with the meat from my Gyro, I miss having a cat around so it was nice.

After a long weekend I am not exactly prepared for this week but I guess life must go on.


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