1. Mission plan
    You know when she drops a hint today, yeah that wasn’t a stroke of genius, she had that planned since the last week.
  2. Positioning
    No, it is not cause she want’s to avoid the sun shining in her eyes, it is just that her line of vision of you must be obstacle free, clear and direct.
  3. Intel
    Some decent stalking at very least has happened both before and after you became Facebook friends. Your class schedule? Easy peasy.
  4. Agents in cover
    The girl in question doesn’t have to see you to know what you are wearing that day because she has her best agents on you. If you are dressed up she will know down to the detail of if your shoes and belt match, if you aren’t she will still know how cute you are without all the effort.
  5. Job
    You are not the target you are the job. She is merely protecting you from potential ‘honey traps’.

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