Where I belong!

I am aware of all the eyes on me, in an unwavering focus. The thoughts my audience are having about me: the scrutiny and the criticism all were overpowering my mind and creating a fear. I know, this feeling was the affirmation of the uncertainty and the trepidation I am enduring right now.

In determination to defeat the anxiety I was faced with, I began to anchor my mind on the music that moved me. I danced in the belief that I was fulfilling the purpose of my very existence. The beat of the rhythm filled all my senses, the melody stimulated the movement of my limbs. The tune and my physical being was in a flawless harmony. My soul was invoked by the perfection of the moment.

It sparked a change in the energy flow that was surrounding me and my impeccability in that instance. The audience were now only able to watch with admiration and adulation. I marveled at how I had changed what was around me and was obtaining all that I aspired. For once, I believed that the only catastrophe possible was the song coming to an end.

As the final chorus approached, I had the stage fervently under my command. Deeper and deeper I fell into the magnificence of the song that dominated me. Further inducing a fiery passion amongst the audience. The song ended, leaving me physically exhausted and mentally placid.

I had wanted myself to be out there among the spectators, watching the splendor I had brought to the stage. A part was looking on my ability to succeed as the audience and the music posed challenges bringing me great content as I knew, I was exquisite


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