Chuck Bass!

I know this is pretty outdated but honestly what is and what isn’t has become rather blurred with Netflix at hand so I’ve been recently watching and finishing all the Gossip Girl episodes that I have missed and it’s official that Chuck Bass is my biggest fictional crush.

So, where should we start?

Definitely not with the bad haircut and awful attitude he had in seasons 1 and 2. Obviously, I didn’t like him then.

But then he leaves St. Judes and Chuck is hot!

I’ve always wondered what makes Chuck so attractive. I mean he is clearly a character designated to make girls go weak in the knees because we always want what we should not have. Personally though I find that Ed Westwick’s British-ness if that made any sense is a huge part of why I find Chuck attractive.

The way he speaks, he enunciates every word. Chuck Bass wears a suit like no other, no matter what shade of pink it is in.

Now years after the reign of Gossip Girl Chuck Bass is still the poster boy for the bad boyfriend.


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