To leave behind.

The hardest part about being away from home.

I miss my baby. No, it is not a human child or my boyfriend, it is my cat, Ollie.

I adopted her when she was abandoned at probably the age of three weeks. She will be turning three this month and I miss her terribly. Honestly, she isn’t a great cat, she doesn’t like to be stroked or even just touched. I have been bitten and scratched by her multiple times but I have never loved her any less. She isn’t the perfect cat but she is mine I raised her with all my love.

I know perfectly well that I am not a perfect child either, but my parents love me. I have disappointed them, lied to them and just been disobedient, but they have never stopped loving me. Why? Because I am their baby. I may not listen to them but they have given me all the care and love in the world that they could, just knowing this makes it hard for me to not be around them anymore. This is the hardest part of being away from home, missing my parents and knowing how much they miss me.


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