College Make-up

This post is definitely not for those who are deft with their liquid eyeliner and/or are diligent enough to spend half an hour on their make up every morning. This one is for those young ladies out there who want to look more awake and alive when they show up at class.

I suggest that you become best of friends with a creamy concealer, the perfect bronzer,a mascara and an eyeliner pencil. A highlighter and lip color options can be a supplement to these items.

College life is all about the late nights and morning classes so the concealer will come in handy to look “normal”. The perfect bronzer will give you the glow you need and sculpt your face just the right amount, which means i suggest a shade that is just one or two shades darker than your skin, so that application doesn’t have to precise as you will be doing be your make-up half-asleep.

For the eyeliner pencil I think you shouldn’t limit yourself to only black and brown, you should explore colors like teal, olive-green and navy blue. They just make your eyes pop and that helps with looking awake and standing out, stick to lining the waterline and tightline unless you want to go for a dramatic look then you can line the top lid and you have the option of smudging it out for a smoky look. The bronzer also helps the eye pop if you use it on your crease to create dimension. With all this going on the lack of mascara will just be apparent so don’t forget to fill out your lashes and I personally like a mascara that gives volume as opposed to length for daily wear but that is up to you.

If you love a sheen to make your cheekbones really come through you could highlight them and use the same highlighter on the inner corners of your eye to brighten them. I know many girls fill in their eyebrows daily and find the need to do so, in that case I also recommend highlighting your brow bone. For the lips I would not recommend full on lipstick but tinted lip balms are your best bet, you can keep reapplying them without your lips drying out and the color options out there are unlimited.

So these are just basic guidelines for starters, don’t be afraid to try new things, pretty colors and experiment. Also, always remember that you are young and you do not need a full faced make up that entails foundation and everything else on a daily basis, save it for the weekend and the parties. Have fun, make-up is art.


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