College #4 – Foam Party

Have you ever heard of a foam party?

Yeah I thought so, apparently it is a thing. I went to one last night and it was fun, scary but fun. You are dancing to some awesome music with foam up till your waist, thats what the party is all about. Sounds pretty fun doesn’t it.

My friends and I were just dancing around having fun and seeking more exciting stuff to do. We spotted the foam machine that people were dying to get under, so we wanted to go there too. After battling the crowd and getting to the middle, we are there, under the machine. Once the machine started to produce foam as it did  at regular intervals, all we wanted was to get out of there. Breaking news guys, you can drown in foam, I don’t know how true it is but trust me that’s what it felt like. I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t breathe and it felt endless.Honestly it is worse if you are rather short cause every time someone taller than you moves or does something you get foam on you and thus the plight becomes endless, so you need to be very careful.

That didn’t really stop from doing it again though :).

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