College #3

I have maxed out my credit card.

I am eating two entrees every lunch in addition to two desserts.

I woke my roommate up to let me in the room.

I stained my white clothes because I didn’t separate the laundry.

I have started having more than one coffee a day.

I have attempted to make friends in classes.

These are just stuff I have done in less than a week being at college. I wonder what is to come and I am excited for the good, the bad and everything in between.

I know I expected a 180 degree shift when I came to college but I have come to realize that if I don’t make a change none is going to come my way. So, I hereby promise that I will talk to new people and try out new things.

3 thoughts on “College #3

  1. I’ve totally felt the same way a couple of weeks ago during my start to college. But yes, I agree with you that change won’t happen unless you make it happen. College is a weird, interesting, and exciting place to finally discover ourselves. It’s crazy thinking about all the possibilities and adventures that can occur in the next few years!

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