College #2

I have put myself in a position where I have to read the Tanakh and the bible.

I am forced now to used my beloved camcorder and tripod, for class,

I am now questioning all the rhetorics around me although it has been always a part of me.

I now have to learn to coherently think like both an ordinary American and an American politician.

I have finally accepted that I need to learn economics.

These are just a list realizations that I have been set to see in my first two days of college. So, far I love the mornings and rising with the sun it feels really great. It is a habit I would love to practice with dedication. Coffee is thus far not my constant companion but my best morning friend.

The readings that I have to complete for my classes are admittedly fun but a heavy workload and I am hereby making a promise to myself to stay on top of them always and constantly stay prepared. I know this sounds really clichéd but hey, it’s now or never isn’t it.


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