Welcome weekend is almost over, I’m still getting used to the fading summer and classes are starting real soon.

That summarizes today: I’m excited for all that college could and will bring me but I only fear that it is all in my hands. It is time for me to make decisions that will help me learn what I am truly capable of and honestly, I’m scared. 

On a lighter note, my stuff are all unpacked but not necessarily organized. I still don’t know how and where to store my spare bed linens and towels (yes I have plenty of them). I have finally put pictures of family (pets inclusive) and friends up on the wall, it keeps me reminded of all the jewels I have and will always have. My bed is lofted so high, I am just waiting for the day I fall off of it. 

Right it just feels like I have moved from one boarding school to another only with rules that allow make up to class. 

I am excited, terrified and looking forward to classes next week. Wish me luck!😄


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