Goodbyes are difficult…

It isn’t only my parents, friends and pets I’m saying goodbye to.

Farewell to all things Malaysian, till next June!
1. To speaking four languages in one sentence, “Macha, bungkus char kuey teow can ah?”.
2. To all the “lah”s in various intonations.
3. To calling all adults “aunty” and “uncle”.
4. To ‘sambal’s of all kinds and of all origins.
5. To ‘teh tarik’s and ‘teh ais’s that last the whole night.
6. To ‘pasar malam’s and all the goodies it brings.
7. To ‘nasi lemak’s and ‘roti canai’s that show how Malaysian one is.

I bid goodbye with a heavy heart and a homesick stomach.

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