Losses and the lost!!

I have friend that wishes everyone everyone on their birthday by saying you’re one year closer to death!! How true is that, and how close is close to death?? Death has always been and will always be something we watch from the sideline with inexplicable fear and sorrow.

Death works in mysterious ways, this past week my dad lost his last living aunt and a friend of mine lost his father. The tragedies though are very much unlike one another. The difference laid in the fact that a father buried his son (my friend’s father) and on the other hand we lost the oldest member of the clan. Which is is worse one may ask?? I know the answer, everyone knows the answer there are no right answers merely different perspectives.

The sorrow is the same only of different scales. Not one of us here would want to lose family, even if we are not close to them it is always nice to have people around. Death is the biggest reminder that nothing lasts forever and I have learnt that over and over again but it never seems to stick.

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