It’s your fault!!

As a child I was taught that I can’t have everything and fairness did not always mean equality. There was one example for me and only one; it was you.

You may not have belonged but you had it all. You had all that was mine. You even took some away from me but I did not complain.

Today you decide you come back and tell me that I never accepted you. Well, amidst all your scheming you certainly were too blind to see what you meant to me. Although everyone knew you were a lost cause you were still accepted and loved, definitely more than I was or will ever be: I am still not complaining.

In pursuit of your paradise you tore mine apart. I was left hanging, holding on to the most fragile of ties to keep me going. You walk away, I am kept behind iron gates. You slam the door, I am told to be polite. You stomp on our hearts and I need to bear the heartless chills.

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