High school  finally came to an end, hurrah???

I don’t know yet… I left my boarding school for good today and I’m home knowing that I never have to be back. It is more scary than nice. Graduation meant goodbyes, changes and in my case a couple of tragedies, not exactly a happy occasion. In pictures it always seemed as if everyone was happy and pictures simply turned out perfect.

1. I did not look as good in pictures as expected. The gorgeous perfect outfit I chose was hidden. Although my picture on stage with the principle was good thank goodness!!! Also the gown made me look pregnant 😦

2. Looking around taking pictures kept reminding me of the impending goodbyes.

3. “Congratulations”, while graduating from a boarding school sounded as if people were saying “good job you survived life in a prison”..

4. Things as always did go wrong, in my case it meant that I was not graduating with a couple my good friends or rather they were not graduating with me which added to the gloom of the situation.

5. On the day that I was done it hit me hard that I had not done all that I could. I had a fair few close friends, I didn’t exactly leave my comfort in the two I had spent at that school and I wasn’t done yet.

Merely a word of advice for current high schoolers or actually anyone anywhere, don’t expect a perfect day, don’t hold back, make friends, expand your circle, try new things; remember no matter what if you are true to yourself the world is your oyster.

I have decided that I don’t want to regret as much at my university graduation and I promise I won’t.

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