7 thoughts on my disast’hair’….

So, over the weekend after months of contemplation I decided it’s time for a trim :D. At the salon my hairdresser had other ideas looking at my bleached, colored and re-colored hair. I can bet that she would have very much liked to have chopped three inches off my hair as the damage was such…. These are my thoughts on the compromise the hairdresser and I came to.

1. OMG NO!!!
With split ends running deep (about 2 inches) the lost of length was just too much to handle

2. My braid’s too thin now
I’m Indian, I can’t have thin braids. I’m a disgrace now.

3.Wait what!!!
Why are my layers 5 inches apart from each other????

4.No, not the mushroom head!!
The short layers are forming a mutiny around my head and sabotaging my round face.

5.Fringe: too long? Too short?
I swear, I’m never getting blunt bangs again. Growing them out takes forever.

6.Find a new look
Not the pin up 😦 please..

7. Is my hair now medium length or long?
I can go from short to long depending on each strand now…


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