The touchy subject of being fat…

As I had told you guys earlier I am on the Skinnymint teatox and I am halfway through it now. Honestly, I have not been eating clean or anything cause I am having my exams now and I need to snack. This past week after a major Tim Tam binge I decided to opt for healthier snacks.

I mainly find the teatox to be a counter to my bad eating habits as it does flush my system. The Morning Boost definitely gives a surge energy, obviously as it contains caffeine but I found that the energy obtained is more long lasting and unlike coffee doesn’t cause one to crash.

In addition to this, I have started to do dance workout routines on a regular basis as a form of cardio, because I hate running and I can’t run. So, dance is a great substitute for me because I love dancing and it is fun. Currently loving all the beginner belly dance routines that I get off youtube. I sort of alternate between the high intensity ones and low impact ones to prevent any form of muscle injury and the low impact ones help with sore muscles 🙂 so it works.

Also, as my problem area has always been my tummy I have decided to do a thirty day flat abs challenge from ‘blogilates’ ….

Today was day 1 and I am prepared for it to get worse…

My current measurements are 30 inches above belly button and 35 inches for my lower belly and I can’t have it that way. I hope to log different numbers very soon…


4 thoughts on “The touchy subject of being fat…

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